Rustic Spoon Pendent Tutorial

– Teaspoon
– Hammer
– Pliers
– Scrapbook Paper
– Pencil
– Scissors
– Sanding Paper
– Mod Podge
– Acrylic Paint (red, yellow, brown)
– Paint Brush (Small)
– Water (just a bit)
– Paper Towel
– FolkArt ClearCote High Shine Glaze (by Plaid)
– Hemp Cord or Leather Cord or Chain – whatever you fancy 🙂
Sounds like a lot, but I swear to you, this is easy as pie 🙂 And bonus, it’s a great way to release stress!

Using Pinterest to Create Inspiration Boards for your Photographer

kids photo

Pinterest can be described as a site for visual bookmarking with many built-in social features. Things can go viral pretty easily through Pinterest, so professional photographers can take a full advantage of that. Interesting thing regarding Pinterest is that you can get an account only if you are invited first by someone that already has an account. As soon as you open your account you then will be able to create inspiration boards where you can pin different kinds of things. You can pin photographs or videos on the boards you create. This will make it easier for you to collect all the things you love from the World Wide Web and put them in one place. You can organize everything neatly and easily. By creating a board you can help your photographer to get a better idea about what you like and what you need.

What Type of Boards You Can Create

There are many types of boards which you can create. One example is creating a board called ‘what clothes to wear on the photo shoot’, which will have all kinds of clothing advice and suggestions for the photo shoot sessions. People can also fill a board with propositions for portrait sessions, which the photographers can use as their inspiration for the photo shoot sessions.

There are many opportunities for creating a number of fantastic inspiration boards for weddings. You can create inspiration boards for wedding dresses and wedding shoes, tuxedos, decorations, flowers, bouquets and all other wedding details. Adding venue boards is also done easily and photographers can also add boards for inspiration about engagement photo shoots. 

A great thing you can do is to send links to the inspiration boards to your photographer so he or she will be able to see what exactly you like and will pay more attention to the details you love. There is a wide acknowledgement that Pinterest is the bride`s and groom`s best wedding planner.

Some helpful ideas for creating inspiration boards for your photographer include the following:

  • Creating different types of theme boards for thematic photo shoots.
  • Seasonal and color boards
  • Boards with portrait ideas
  • Photographs with links included pointing to articles about wedding sessions and photo shoot ideas
  • Interesting articles about wedding planning
  • Tips for wedding day photography shoots, etc.


All of the above tips can be very helpful and can also increase the reputation of the photographer. Satisfied clients spread the word of mouth quickly, so if the photographer listens and acts according to the needs of their clients he can benefit from that and will increase his customer base. Photographers should always pay attention to the clients` needs because that will lead to making better business decisions.

How Can Photographers Benefit More from Pinterest

By using Pinterest photographers can get bigger exposure of their business. The more of their photographs are getting pinned, the bigger the chance that more people will visit their website and will start using their photography services. Pinterest reminds a bit of Facebook, because it allows the opportunity for quickly connecting with other people and promoting the business. When clients pin things they like, all of their friends can see it, so that can be very helpful for the photographers as they can quickly reach wide audiences and advertise their services. A good idea for the photographers is to encourage people to start pinning their photos more, which will be a great advertising method for them. Photographers should think about putting Pinterest buttons on their websites. The best way for doing so is by installing a plug-in which will place the button at the bottom or at the end of the posts on their website. I talked to my favorite photographer,, he said to use the plugin called “jquery pin it button for images”. 

Probably the best thing regarding Pinterest is its viral nature. All you have to do is just pin an image with information about services, products or whatever and that will lead to quick spreading online. It is also great for promoting businesses because many people can see what is on offer and will decide whether to use the services or not.

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Through Pinterest you can also start an own network with other professionals and photography service providers. That way sharing of the images will be done very quickly and easily, and all photographers can benefit from that. If you wish to tag another Pinterest user in one of your pins, then all you have to do is put the ‘@’ sign before their Pinterest username and that will immediately tag them. However, you need to follow at least one board first in order to tag someone else. Later the user you have tagged will be notified about that and you can start sharing boards every time you want. These are some helpful tips for the photographers, so by taking advantage of them their business will rise quickly.

Fuji X100F – Is it the perfect mom camera?

fuji x100f photoFuji is releasing the X100F in the coming weeks.

I’m going to go on the record and say that this will be the perfect camera for all of the moms out there. It is the perfect size to fit in your purse and carry with you everywhere you go, it has gorgeous image quality, and it looks damn nice as well.

First, lets see the anticipated specs:

  • A control Ring on lens, like on the X70
  • OVF/EVF Lever will have an integrated button
  • No Tilt Screen
  • 23mm f/2 lens
  • Same battery as the x100t
  • integrated shutter/ISO dial
  • Joystick
  • Front dial
  • 24MP X-Trans III Sensor (Same as X-T2)
  • X-Processor Pro

Based on this information, it will be a somewhat incremental change from the X100T. That said, it is reaching a very high level of refinement after 4 generations. This camera has become better in every way since its launch. The shutter lag is gone, the autofocus is faster, the high-iso quality better, ergonomics improved, and image quality has made large gains.

Why it’s the best camera for moms?

Here are my reasons:

  • Ease of shooting, it is so easy to put on aperture priority, shutter priority, or full auto. The Auto ISO works in almost every situation.
  • Quick Start up. You see a moment that needs captured and it is ready to go in an instant
  • Autofocus. The autofocus is finally able to keep up with moving children.
  • Image quality. The photos look incredible straight out of the camera, no more shooting in RAW.
  • Looks. This camera just looks good. It fits with practically every outfit.

I don’t think there is a better full package out there, for the price range. You’d have to spend thousands more on a DSLR to get better results, at the expense of weight, size, and ease of use.

Fun Features:

WIFI, you can send images straight to your phone for use on social media.

Double Exposure and Art Modes.. fun effects that you can see on the screen before you take the photo.

Panorama mode. You can take incredible stitched panoramas, great for family vacations.

What I dislike:

I do wish the batteries had slightly better life, but the easy fix is to always carry a spare or two.

I would also love to see fun colors on the body, black and silver are just a bit.. boring 🙂

Have you shot with the Fuji x100 series? If so, leave a comment and let me know what you think!